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Cindy and I were married in June of 1984 in Fort Morgan, Colorado.  Cindy grew up in Brush, Colorado, a daughter of a lifelong Police Officer. Growing up in Fort Morgan, Colorado as the son of a hard-working farm implement dealer, I developed an interest in law enforcement in high school.

Cindy and I met while I was an explorer with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.  Over the past 34 years as we continued to develop our careers, mine in Law Enforcement and Cindy’s in Mortgage Banking, we raised two amazing children. Both our son and daughter graduated from UNC in Greeley, Colorado. Our daughter works in the oil and gas industry; our son moved to Texas and is will graduate next May with a Doctorate in Criminal Justice.

I was blessed to have a great career, serving 7 years as a Person’s Crime Detective, 9 years as a K-9 Handler and 8 years as a Narcotics Detective. I also have served my brothers and sisters of Lodge 6 for 8 years and remain active on the board as 2nd Vice-President. After 34 ½ years I have decided to take the next step in my life and retire from Law Enforcement and join Cindy as a Mortgage Banker.  As a family we have all grown up in the law enforcement world and understand the unique environment that law enforcement officers and their families face.  As a team we are here to help and support our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to purchase or finance your dream home.  

As a team we are here to help and support our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to purchase or finance your dream home. Peoples Bank has many great loan programs; but almost as important is the fact that they have a great support system which has given us the tools and support to help us do a great job helping our clients.

See What People Are Saying About Working with Us

"Bruce is just the best of the best. If you want a person who has the ability and knowledge to get whatever needs to get done, this would be Bruce. He approached this loan with the attitude it will get done, ALWAYS BEING POSITIVE, doing what it takes to see the completion from start to finish. I had gone to two other lender for 15 month of aggravation, and turned to Bruce who got it done in a short few months. Being self-employed creates many challenges, but Bruce was able to steer through the many mazes to get the loan done. He always answered his phone no matter what time it was or where he was at, just a good guy all the way around. We got to meet his wonderful wife Cindy, who also has a great knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry. I probably could go another 1000 words on Bruce, but I would be happy to talk to anyone one wants to call me. Thanks again Bruce, words cannot express all your hard work to get our home!!” – Albert Z., 5/30/17

“I was so happy that my husband was able to find someone who could actually get our home mortgage. There are so many mortgage companies that do so much talking, and just waste your time and energy. Bruce was able to maneuver through the many challenges to see it through. He also told us about the CHFA program which gets us a tax benefit every year, which had its own challenges, but guess what, he got it for us going done to the wire at closing. Thank you Bruce for making us a homeowner!!” – Tammy Z., 5/30/17

"Cindy and her team did a phenomenal job keeping us in the loop, accommodating our many questions and requests, and being transparent regarding the processes and implications of the choices we were presented." - William M. 2/4/17

"The turn around time and constantly updating me on the progress." - Michael D., 11/29/16

"My husband and I were extremely pleased with Cindy and her team at Peoples Bank. We were referred to Peoples Bank by our realtor, and it was definitely the best choice. Cindy carefully listened to our story and our financial and personal histories, and was very professional and timely in all paperwork, scheduling, etc." - Jeremy C., 10/25/15

"The knowledge and responsiveness of Cindy Vaughan and the rest of the stadd was expectional. I would recommend your company to any and all and will do so to anyone I know looking to buy a home." - Stephen S., 2/1/15

► In-House Processing, Closing and Funding.  We handle the entire process from start to finish.

Competitive Rates.  We typically have lower rates than the competition due to the amount of volume we do in Colorado communities.

National and Direct Lender. We can lend in all 50 States.

We are LOCAL.  We try to meet all of our clients face to face, so everyone is on the same page.  When you call, you talk to a real person.

Purchasing a new home? Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! We'll be here to help you every step of the way!

Want to lower your mortgage payment? Talk to us about refinancing your current loan. Low mortgage rates = extra cash in your wallet!


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Bruce Vaughan

     Direct Line: (970) 405-2183 

     Fax: (303) 772-0306

Cindy Vaughn

     Direct Line: (970) 405-2185

     Fax: (303) 772-0306

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Bruce Vaughan, Jr. Mortgage Banker, NMLS 1486151 & Cindy Vaughan, Sr. Mortgage Banker, NMLS 777175
825 Delaware Ave., Ste. 100, Longmont, CO  80501
Direct:  (970) 405-2183
Fax:  (303) 772-0306
bvaughan@epeoples.com; cvaughan@epeoples.com
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